“Places” is a collection of images capturing the physical spaces of teaching and learning at various times in the history of the Architecture Building (aka: Building 22). 

This collection includes photographs of Building 22 in the early days of its occupation with interior and exterior views from 1973 by Helmut Schade. Later photographs by David Lepage were taken in the 1990s.


Images from 2000s when the graduate studios were housed in the Azrieli Pavilion will be displayed in separate sections.

Building 22 Courtyard

Building 22 / installations 1990s

Building 22 Interior / 1990s

Interiors 2010 - to present

TDR (Technical Data Room)

Barbara Humphries Reading Room

Approximately one third of the Morgue’s original floor space was recently renovated (2019) to accommodate a group seminar space surrounded by storage shelves, flat files and exhibition areas. In the remaining area, many projects have been stored and categorized by their year of study and/or the year of their making.

The Morgue